Property Winterization

Old Man Winter is Coming, Is Your Property Prepared?


The leaves are starting to change, and the temperatures are dropping. Before you know it holiday music will be playing, and snow could be flying. Before dusting off the shovels, walk around and look at a few things.  Making sure your investment property is ready for winter is more involved than just shoveling snow, plowing parking lots, and spreading snow melt. Let’s start out checking from the top down.


Complete a check of building and municipal lighting. Make necessary calls or repairs and reset any exterior timers to cover the increased hours of darkness.


Inspect roofs for missing shingles, flashing, or torn membranes.  Inspect for damaged or broken roof hatches, windows, or window wells.  Inspect gutters and scuppers.  Are they flowing freely? We do not want any ice damming during freeze-thaw events that push water back inside the building.  Moving down, investigate the downspouts and splash blocks. Inspect for free-flowing weather discharge above or below ground. Can they be turned away from sidewalks for prevention of ice buildup so you can avoid slip and fall areas?


Investigate exterior stairwells for loose railings, drainage, slip protection, and lighting. Repair as necessary.  Check exterior doors, seals, closures, and electronics – this goes a long way in keeping the heat inside and the utilities costs down.


Now for the winterization.  Shut off exterior spigots and install freeze covers.  Proceed to un-heated exterior buildings, pump houses, maintenance areas, and water heater rooms. Drain and shut down any non-essential water supplies and administer RV antifreeze where necessary to keep lines from bursting during these cold months. Test room heaters and pipe wraps for proper working conditions.


Have contracts and suppliers in place for snow removal and de-icing agents well in advance. Generally, the better contractors fill their quota first so be the early bird here! Check snow tools and equipment for proper working order and repair or replace as needed.


As we move inside, start with assessing entry ways for the need of slip resistant controls.  Inspect the common area heat for proper working conditions and replace filters in furnaces as necessary.  Reset interior timers for winter hours.


While this is not a comprehensive list, it does touch on the key factors that need to be addressed on any investment property to protect it during the cold winter months. If you would like a more detailed plan for your property, or, are interested in our full-service property management options, contact us at MWI today at 317-784-5899 or Let us show you how we can help you reach your goals.

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